Friday, September 24, 2010

My Politica Agenda is No Turning Back on the Barangay Elections 2010& SK

The time for the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Election is coming up soon. And the that precious time will be given to the each residents of the 41,000+ barangays of this nation.

People is said to be honored to the responsible citizenry of this country on October 25, 2010 as the Barangay and SK Elections will be taking place. Since the last Barangay and SK Election of 2007 what are the changes that took place in your barangay?

Honestly, there is no GOOD transformation or GOOD changes that really happened for the past 3-years. The past 3-years was as terrible as it may look. Barangay Hall in our barangay now has its temporary location. And I may say that the people inside that hall is our temporary barangay officials.

I say this clear, I AM NOT TURNING MY BACK TO MY PEOPLE, MY BARANGAY, MY FUTURE. I will be running again for the second time as a barangay councilor. For I have intentions in solving some of the problems that hinders progress in our beloved barangay. WITHOUT this kind of barangay officials in our barangay PROGRESS will be coming as fast as the F1 in their grand prix events.

I am not into a postponement of this year's barangay and SK elections. No to Postponement and Yes to Progress...